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Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

by Surya Narayan

1. Emphasize socialising, particularly face-to-face.

Phone calls and social media have their place, but nothing matches the stress-relieving and mood-boosting power of quality face-to-face interaction.

2. Keep yourself busy.

Staying active is good to both the body and the mind. Regular exercise or activity can improve your mental and emotional health, reduce stress, boost memory, and improve your sleep.

3. Connect with someone.

Speak with a friendly person. One of the most powerful strategies to calm your nervous system and relieve stress is to engage in face-to-face social interaction with someone who cares.

4. Use your senses to your benefit

Do you find it relaxing to listen to inspirational music? Do you find that gripping a stress ball helps you relax? Why not go for a nature walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of the trees? Everyone responds to sensory input differently, so try a few different things to see what works best for you.

5. Start to relax.

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing can all help with stress reduction.

6. Prioritize relaxation and introspection.

For emotional and mental well-being, leisure time is essential. As you go about your day, take some time to relax, think, and observe the positive aspects, even if they are small. If you can, write them down because it’s easy to forget about them. Then, when your mood needs a boost, you can dwell on them later.

7. Consume a brain-healthy diet to maintain good mental health.

Fish rich in omega-3s, nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts), avocados, beans, leafy greens (spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts), and fresh fruits are all good for your mood.

8. Get plenty of sleep. 

It’s more important than you would think. Taking a break from the stimulation of screens — TV, phones, tablets, or computers — in the two hours before night is one strategy to improve sleep.

9. Look for meaning and purpose.

Everyone’s case is different. You can try one of the following options:

  • Engage in various that make you feel productive.
  • Spend quality time with those who important to you and invest in your relationships.
  • Volunteering can add value to your life and make you happier.
  • Taking care of others may be as rewarding and meaningful as it is challenging

10. Get help if you need it

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