Cambodia’s singing princess, Jenna Norodom: TikTok influencer with millions of Facebook followers – and she’s only nine!

  • She knows French, Khmer, Thai, Chinese, and English, and frequently sings in all five languages on YouTube.
  • She has been an actress, singer, and dancer for three years, most recently performing in the hit Khmer shows Tep Thida Pokul Meas and Golden Kingdom.

Jenna Norodom, Cambodia’s little princess, is known not only for her charming and delicate looks, but also for her singing, dancing, and acting skills.

She has already spent three years in the entertainment world, creating her career and popularity both at home and abroad, at the age of nine. She has established herself as one of the country’s most sought out young talent and a role model for the young generation.

Jenna Norodom, the daughter of Cambodian Princess Norodom Buphary and a Frenchman, was born in Paris, France, in 2012. Her great-grandfather is the late King Norodom Sihanouk, and she is the granddaughter of Prince Norodom Chakrapong. Her family relocated back to Cambodia when she was three years old.

Norodom speaks Thai, Chinese, and English in addition to French and Khmer, which she learned from her parents. In addition, as shown on her YouTube channel, she can sing in all of these languages.

Nodorom began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress, singer, and dancer in 2018. She has a passion for performance and music since she was a child. She was also studying opera at Phnom Penh’s Music Arts School. She also starred in two popular Khmer television series, Tep Thida Pokul Meas (2020) and Golden Kingdom (2021).

Norodom has been the face of local and regional royal brands such as Cambodian Cellcard Telecommunications Company, Indonesian Marie Regal, and Chinese R&F Properties as a result of her good looks and royal heritage.

Norodom has nearly two million Facebook followers, a YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers, and a TikTok account with 50.2 million views. She wears traditional costumes and performs traditional dances in addition to her music videos, demonstrating her pride in and passion in promoting the Khmer culture.

Source: Southern China Morning Post

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