Helene: Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship in Siem Reap

Have you ever asked yourself this?
What’s happening to my life?
or experienced a constant fear of your present path?

Yes, you have. You are a human, and life offers many choices for every one of us.

The Japanese word “Ikigai” refers to the process of finding that perfect spot where everything seems in tune and flows smoothly.

The Japanese word “ikigai,” which translates to “a reason for being,” denotes our values and the things that provide life purpose.

According to the definition of Ikigai, it’s critical for each of us to have a thorough understanding of who we are and to discover our one real passion—a goal that will last, enhance our own growth, and serve society.

HELENE VEAL, an Ikigai coach who also has a training center EnterpriseVision & Partners in Siem Reap.

She founded this centre along with her husband Visay and Dara Huot. The three leaders in education, arts, and entrepreneurship.

The three leaders in education, arts, and entrepreneurship Dara, Helene and Visay

The center was founded to help Leaders and Entrepreneurs in this great city, where skills and opportunity meet, achieve their potential.

Helene, Khmer-French, was born and raised in France and moved to Cambodia to work towards supporting the community.

As she believes that “Impact cannot happen in isolation, it takes collective action,” Helene plans to accomplish this by working with all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

” We are committed to help Entrepreneurs, profit and non-for-profit organizations, at any stage of their development, from idea to start-up, to transforming existing organizations into more sustainable development plans, proposing creative solutions to an obsolete model”, Helene said.

EnterpriseVision & Partners can assist you in deepening your ‘ikigai’ if you are at a crossroads or feel out of line with your current path. This will enable you to move with confidence.

If you’d like to know more about EnterpriseVision & Partners program, please go to their website, https://enterprisevision.net  or directly contact HELENE VEAL.

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