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How do you promote a country?

by Surya Narayan
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Nearly 200 nations compete with one another for resources, trade, and media attention today. So how do you let everyone know that you exist if you’re a country in a distant part of the world?

Countries are increasingly following the marketing strategies used by businesses to boost their profiles and advertise that they are open for business. Welcome to the world of country branding.

The world’s media are divided; many focus on negative coverage of poverty and social problems that some international audiences may be unaware of. How do you promote your country in the midst of negative news?

An effective nation brand should simultaneously attract investors, trading partners, and tourists. A product that people don’t want won’t be sold, despite having a cool logo and a big advertising budget.

So, what can a nation do to try and boost its profile?

Sometimes slogans work as an attraction. In order to succeed, nations must adopt a more sophisticated strategy that emphasizes stability, geographic diversity (from forests to deserts), and the “entrepreneurial character of the people.”

Marketers assert that modern audiences, particularly the type of people who might make investment decisions, now analyse the country’s improved impression, from the splendour of the countryside to the stability of its government.

In order to effectively promote a country’s brand internationally, it is crucial to strengthen it locally. Every citizen must take on this enormous responsibility and accept the role of an ambassador for the country’s unique and great features.

The Better Cambodia encourages Cambodians to promote their country in a positive way to the rest of the world. We began as a one-man army and have since expanded to a four-person team.

As stated in our founding document, The Better Cambodia is a content-driven impact platform that promotes positive and solution-oriented content. We tell stories to motivate Cambodians to put their ideas into action and help the country grow.

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