In October, Siem Reap will unveil a new $70 million tourism product.

According to a senior official, the Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium is scheduled to open in October of this year to serve both domestic and foreign tourists who are expected to travel to the province of Siem Reap. 

According to a statement from the developer for the first phase, Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium will include a 500 cubic meter freshwater aquarium as well as a 600 cubic meter saltwater aquarium. The main aquarium building will house freshwater species that are endemic to Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The developer also stated that there will be 10 hectares of outdoor animal exhibits and attractions, which will include tigers, river otters, and crocodiles.

The aquarium in Cambodia is just as magnificent as those in other countries, so there is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars traveling there this time. A press statement from Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium stated, “Change your routines on regular holidays to enjoy novel experiences by visiting the first top-notch aquarium in the country.”

The project places a strong emphasis on educational and entertaining facilities for international visitors to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap. According to a statement from Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium, general admission tickets are priced at $18, but locals, including expats, are given discounted rates of $10.

Source: Khmer Times

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