Kampong Chhnang reserves 300 hectares for aquaculture and livestock centers.

In a big step to improve rural development, Kampong Chhnang’s governor, Sun Sovannarith, said that 65 hectares of state land in the Kampong Leng district will be used to build an aquaculture center that will be run by the province’s Department of Agriculture.

“Kampong Chhnang province now has a vast new aquaculture center for experimenting with new fish species and productive fish farming technologies,” Sovannarith stated. 

The new aquaculture center will be able to grow enough fish to stock the whole province and the areas around Lake Tonle Sap.

“We will no longer have to bring in fish from Vietnam and Thailand. It will be enough to feed those provinces, especially the province of Kampong Chhnang,” he said.

Sovannarith also said that the new aquaculture center will be tastefully decorated because it will also be a pleasant resort where people can go and see many different types of fish. People can also find out more about fish farming and fishing, especially want to encourage everyone to visit fish farms and study with experts to learn more about how fish farming works.

Sovannarith said that Kampong Chhnang province intends to provide about 225 hectares of state land to set up a very large mixed farm with many different kinds of agriculture activities, such as cattle, goats, lobsters, buffaloes, and other kinds of livestock.

Provincial authorities plan to improve the locals’ standard of living by providing them with livestock following the rice harvest during the dry season. Sovannarith said, “Those who want to take part in the project can just talk to the provincial government about getting a loan to help them diversify their farming activities.”

Sovannarith said that the provincial government has been talking to more investors to help this sector grow. He said, “We spoke with other investors, including Japanese.We intend to have negotiations with other countries later this year. The interior ministry has already authorized our plan. It is crucial that the residents of Kampong Chhnang province improve their standard of living, particularly when the rice harvest has been completed.”

Sovannarith says that because of the quality of its soil and other geographical advantages, Kampong Chhnang has the most growth potential in the agricultural industry. In some regions of the province, particularly those close to mountains, there are already a lot of farms, but he said that the province wanted to increase the number of farming opportunities for everyone.

Source: Khmer Times

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