Outdoor Cambodian Culinary Experience At Its Best.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many aspects of our lives, there was one clear bright spot. We’re talking about eating outside, a practice that many of us have adopted during the past 2 years.

Outdoor dining has long been a favorite dining option for many people, from historic outdoor feasts to contemporary backyard family barbecues. In fact, throughout the summer, particularly in warm climates, customers rush to restaurants to eat outside and escape the indoors.

Fine Dining can be in the form of simple to mid-glass to luxury settings. Many restaurants in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh offer such a concept.

A private outdoor dinner can also be the best option to offer International tourists to experience the touch of Cambodian culture and its traditions.

I am happy to co-organize to set up and captured a private dinner set up at Theam’s House Siem Reap. I am mesmerized by how beautiful and exemplary it can be done.

While the popularity of outdoor dining has given a boost to many Cambodian restaurants, it has also drawn attention to unique dining events that offer experiences unlike anything seen in even the most renowned dining venues.

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