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The Cambodia Connect Event: Building Bridges for Strengthening Economic Ties

by Surya Narayan
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Mangalore, India: A futuristic event took place at the Hotel Ocean Pearl in Mangalore on October 16, 2023, to enhance the economic cooperation between India and Cambodia. The event, organized by The Better Cambodia, was attended by eminent guests from both countries, who shared their insights and experiences on the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Cambodia.

The Chief Guest of the event was Mrs. Linchen Lahmo, a Member of the Minorities Commission – Government of India, who praised the efforts of The Better Cambodia team and highlighted the cultural and historical links between India and Cambodia. She also expressed her hope for further development of trade and investment relations between the two nations.

The Minister attached to the Prime Minister of Cambodia, H.E. Samheng Boros, extended a warm invitation to the investors and tourists from Mangalore to visit Cambodia and explore its potential. He also shared a video message, in which he explained the various initiatives taken by the Cambodian government to support businesses and protect investments. He said that Cambodia was ready to collaborate with India for mutual benefit and growth.

The Guest of Honor of the event was Mr. JR Lobo, former MLA from Mangalore South, who emphasized the opportunities in tourism and agriculture sectors in both countries. He appreciated the initiatives by The Better Cambodia and urged the businesses from Mangalore to venture into Cambodia, citing its growth and prosperity.

The event also featured a keynote speech by Mr. Thomith Chin, a guest speaker from Cambodia, who eloquently conveyed the deep-rooted connection between Cambodia and India, based on shared culture and values. He also shed light on Cambodia’s remarkable growth under a stable government and supportive policies, creating a conducive environment for development. He showcased Cambodia as a welcoming and opportune destination for business expansion, outlining the benefits available to investors who choose to engage with the nation.

The event also witnessed the presence of Ms. Sokkeang Kong, Director of iDEN Agency and International Youth For A Better World from Cambodia, who underlined the importance of building cross-border relationships and exploring new business horizons.

The Better Cambodia, a dedicated organization committed to fostering ties between Cambodia and other nations, played a pivotal role in organizing the event. With the Support of Mr. Walter Dantis, a renowned businessman and retail coach from Bahrain, along with Mr. Avikshith Rai and Mr. Abdul Razak, the event successfully brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds in both nations.

One of the key focuses of the Cambodia Connect event was to emphasize the potential for small and medium-sized businesses to create a lasting impact in Cambodia. The event served as a platform for these businesses to explore opportunities and establish invaluable connections with their Cambodian counterparts.

The presence of prominent dignitaries further elevated the Cambodia Connect event, signifying its significance in fostering cross-border relationships.

Notable business figures from Mangalore business community,  including Gilbert D’Souza, an entrepreneur representing Souza Industries and Souza Group of Companies, Mr. Vinod Pinto, President of CREDAI, Dr. Varanasi Krishnamurthy, Founder Varanasi Research Foundation, Anil D’Souza, representing the Coffee Planters Association, Prakash Kalbavi, the owner of Kalbavi Cashews & Kalbavi consumer foods Pvt Ltd, in Mangalore, and Dr. Sheryl Colaco, a specialist doctor from Indira Hospital and an entrepreneur, all attended the event.

The Cambodia Connect event held in Mangalore was a profound and commendable initiative, dedicated to fortifying the ties between the two nations. With a primary emphasis on fostering economic cooperation, this event brought together an array of esteemed guests and speakers who collectively illuminated the vast potential for progress and development in Cambodia. As both nations continue their journey in exploring opportunities that mutually benefit them, this event played an indispensable role in laying the foundation for enduring partnerships, promising a brighter and more prosperous future for both nations.

For additional information about the Cambodia Connect event, please do not hesitate to reach out to Surya, Founder & CEO, The Better Cambodia at surya@thebettercambodia.com.

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