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7 tips for moving from Employee to Entrepreneur

by Ann-maree Allen
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“I have a dream…..” 

“You Can Do It!”

ONE: Believe in yourself.

Or find someone who can believe in you.

Protect your motivation- only listen to those who have already done it- there will always be naysayers amongst colleagues, family and friends.

TWO: Play to your strengths.

Make sure your business idea is one that suits your experience, your talents, your environment, your needs and your market’s needs. Then have faith and follow the process.

THREE: Make yourself accountable.

It’s easier to think of what you need to do, and somehow harder to actually do it.

Ask yourself: What is the most important ‘next thing’ I need to do? Then do it!

There are always things that come up before you do ‘the next thing’ (errands/calls, etc, am I right!?) Productive procrastination is deceptive. It makes you feel like you are achieving something- even when that something just isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.

Have a person in your life to whom you can tell your ‘next thing’, and, ‘by when’ you will do it.

FOUR: Ask questions.

Ask yourself “what don’t I know?” and “what do I need to know”?

Do not take your wisdom from Homer Simpson who said “There are no stupid questions- just stupid people.”

Only those brave enough to ask the questions get the answers-and its all just learning anyway. So Homer….there are no stupid questions. But there are definitely right and wrong people to ask.  

Find the people who have gone before you, who have already had success- ask them. Stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you.

FIVE: Know if and when it is the right time to ‘burn the boats’.

The story goes that a Spanish leader told his men to burn the boats when they arrived on the shore of a new continent. That way the men would be ‘all in’. They would do everything in their power to make it work, because they had no choice to go back. There is an appropriate time to leave ‘safe’ employment and move out into your enterprise.  

women, office, desk-5772029.jpg

SIX: Keep it real.

Take the pressure off yourself. There is no such thing as overnight success.

Try to have fun, enjoy the process. Remember all the reasons you thought this business was a good idea.

Know the Why behind your What.

SEVEN: Keep increasing the size of your picture.

Your idea of what is possible will change over time. Your business can be even more than you can see now!

Give back and Pay it Forward. When blessing can flow through you, blessing will flow to you.

The author is the owner of The Employee ➡️➡️➡️➡Entrepreneur

A business-coaching, mentoring Consultancy in Melbourne Australia, with a global outlook. Ann-maree has founded several businesses in Australia and Abroad. She now partners with those who want to transform an idea to business reality.

She says “Many people have ideas, that’s the easy part. I have seen the difference a business can make to an individual, a family, and a community. This inspired me to use my coaching degree and business startup experience, to help others transform those dreams into a plan and develop successful businesses.”

Her challenge to you is this “If you lived your life like you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

The Employee ➡️➡️➡️➡Entrepreneur

Plan, Partner, Proficiency

If you would like to talk about your dream or idea, connect with her on the below.

Whats App +971 54763 8880
Phone: +64 (0)410 024 833 

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