Novation Academy, Cambodia’s Approved Training Organization (ATO), begins operations.

Novation Academy, located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s bustling capital, has recently acquired a versatile ELITE PI-1000 Professional Flight Training Device.

Novation Academy is Cambodia’s Approved Training Organization (ATO) to provide Commercial Pilot (CPL) and Private Pilot (PPL) training.

Novation Academy, located in the Central Business District, gives the opportunity to learn to fly in one of the most advanced flight training institutes in South East Asia.

Novation Academy was founded by its CEO, Kirill Bratchenko, an IT professional and aviation enthusiast who has been in Cambodia for 15 years, and its Head of Training / Chief Flight Instructor, Eugene Zakharankau, who has 8000 hours total flight time / 6500 hrs as Flight Instructor.

The Company’s vision is to become the best aviation academy in South East Asia, with the goal of training future pilots. Novation Academy stands for “aviation and innovation.” Novation Academy intends to attain international reputation and achieve maximal compliance by 2025, while training 75 to 100 students every year.

“We are really happy to use this state-of-the-art simulator in our academy to provide a realistic flight experience without leaving the ground,” says Kirill Bratchenko after having this latest ELITE product installed at Novation Academy. As Cambodia’s first and only Approved Training Organization (ATO) with a PI-1000 Professional Flight Training Device, we are excited to use the most recent available technology and methods to train future pilots.”

“Our students will tremendously benefit from our Learning Management Software (LMS), technically advanced airplanes (Tecnam P2006T and MagnusFusion-212), and, of course, our new ELITE Simulator,” explains the Aviation Entrepreneur. The PI-1000 will shorten study time while developing all of the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become a successful pilot.”

The simulator will be available soon for the general public to get flight simulator experience.

The PI-1000 is an FAA-approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with a versatile aircraft platform that can fly singles, twins, basic, and complex aircraft. Building on the success of ELITE’s “round-gauge” PI-135 Basic ATD, the PI-1000 provides incredible training fidelity for glass cockpit users and comes with two pre-configured ELITE computers to power the visual system and a G1000 avionics/instructor station, as well as ELITE technical support and warranty.

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