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Why Cambodia and India Should Strengthen Their Tourism and Trade Relations

by Surya Narayan
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Within the exciting world of international economics, the growing trade and tourism ties between Cambodia and India stand out as a prime example of reciprocal advancement and sustainable growth. Given the substantial growth in the economy being witnessed in both countries (India’s GDP is projected to increase by 7% in FY2024 and Cambodia’s by 6.4%), the present moment offers an opportune moment to look into more profound synergies.

Economical Strategic Complementarities

India, which is projected to attain the status of the fourth-largest economy globally, possesses substantial advantages in the domains of technology, manufacturing, and an expanding service sector. However, Cambodia presents an immense opportunity to promote economic diversification and integration into global markets due to its advantageous geographical position and growing emphasis on sustainable economic policies.

Their complementary economic structures form the fundamental basis of this budding relationship. The extensive manufacturing capabilities and resilient technological sector of India align seamlessly with Cambodia’s emphasis on renewable energy and technological progress. Significant collaborative ventures may be facilitated by this synergy, especially in the infrastructure development sector, where India is expanding its capabilities at a rapid rate.

The expansion of trade prospects

The opportunity provided by Cambodia’s duty-free access to developed markets to Indian companies seeking to expand their presence in international markets is invaluable. Concurrently, Cambodia can capitalise on India’s manufacturing expertise to augment its own export capacities, thereby establishing a mutually beneficial situation that fortifies economic robustness and employment generation in both nations.

Moreover, both countries are actively engaged in goals of sustainable development, as evidenced by the Partnership for Action on Green Economy in Cambodia and the strategic national infrastructure projects in India. These parallel trajectories not only emphasize a mutual dedication to sustainability but also provide opportunities for cooperative initiatives that are in line with worldwide environmental objectives.

Increasing Tourism by Enhanced Connectivity

Tourism is an additional pivotal sector that is poised for growth. The establishment of direct flights between Cambodian centers and major Indian cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad has the potential to significantly increase trade connectivity and tourist exchange. In light of the expanding middle class in India and the abundant natural beauty and cultural heritage of Cambodia, improved air connectivity has the potential to greatly advantage the tourism industries of both nations.

A Regional Stability Vision

The enhanced relations between Cambodia and India have far-reaching consequences that transcend mere bilateral benefits. In light of India’s robust regional leadership and Cambodia’s active engagement in ASEAN and the RCEP, enhanced relations between the two countries may lay the groundwork for increased ASEAN-India cooperation, which would bolster regional stability and create fresh opportunities for economic integration.

The dynamic economic environment connecting India and Cambodia is filled with promising prospects. Through the utilization of these resources, not only can both countries strengthen their respective economies, but they can also make a positive contribution towards a more integrated, stable, and prosperous Asia. We should not merely expand; rather, we should flourish collectively, harnessing the potential of cooperation to establish a future that is advantageous for all of us.

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