A positive peer-learning community: Siem Reap Coding Club.

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think” -Steve Jobs

Computer coding is crucial for students’ future as a result of living in a digitalised world.

The ability to program is an important skill that may be used in a variety of disciplines and domains in the quickly changing today’s technological environment. As a result, teaching such skills to young minds is critical. The goal of the Siem Reap Coding Club is to spread the habit of coding among students.

Children who learn to code are taught to fix errors as they happen and to tackle it again in different ways. In addition, learning to code helps develop the patience and problem-solving skills they need.

The Siem Reap Coding Club is an initiative intended to bring together young people with an interest in coding and provide them with the opportunity to learn with the support and direction of experts with experience working in technology companies.

Through this program, Siem Reap Coding Club helps young people who want to develop their career in the IT (information Technology) industry.

Features of Siem Reap Coding Club:

  • It is free of cost and helps to fulfill the dreams of the younger generation of becoming professionals in the IT industry.
  • Helps to strengthen their capability and communication skills.

This program is supported by PEPY Empowering Youth, a local non-profit NGO providing personal and professional development training to rural youth in Siem Reap along with the Sabai Code and Mediapark as a technology partner. 

Mediapark Cambodia has partnered with PEPY to support IT development training or mentoring for the Club’s leaders. It has sent a senior developer who has several years of experience in this field to help the club’s leaders facilitate and organize the tutorials and projects for club members to implement.

Members of the Coding Club are able to learn more about coding in-depth. This is extremely beneficial to them during employment.

The club develops members’ talents for critical analysis, seeing an issue from several angles, and coming up with numerous creative solutions.

To create a “Digital Cambodia,” the nation as a whole needs a lot more programmers. The club is contributing to the country’s efforts to achieve this goal.

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