Launch of #TalkWithBoros Podcast Season 1

Launch of #TalkWithBoros Podcast Season 1 and YouTube Premiere of the first episode

This YouTube Premiere will play the first episode in the season 1 of #TalkWithBoros, 33 minutes, featuring Sam Rocker , Cambodian singer & songwriter since 2012 entitled “Journey to Find Oneself”.

Join the party online with friends and family on 7th December at 7h00pm at on YouTube through this link:

What is #TalkWithBoros?

#TalkWithBoros features H.E SAMHENG Boros talking with people from all walks of life. It is a series of audio and video podcasts in Khmer language with English subtitles on videos. The talks inspire learning, researching, innovating and taking actions for positive changes in the lives of Boros himself, his guests and the audience. H.E Boros loves to share and learn from one another’s experiences. The topics range from Cambodian Youth, Arts, Social Innovation, Social Protection, S.T.E.A.M, social, personal and career development and anything else in between.

Season 1 of #TalkWithBoros is a series of 5 videos/audio podcasts produced in collaboration with The Sound Initiative in a program called “Creative Youth Ambassadors”.

1st episode will be premiered on YouTube on 7th December at 7h00pm on

Subsequent episodes will be released in the coming weeks on Boros’ YouTube, Facebook page and other podcast platforms.

Season 1 of #TalkWithBoros includes:

1st Episode is Conversation between Boros and SAM Rocker ,Singer, song writer titled “ Journey to Find Oneself”

2nd episode is conversation between H.E SAMHENG Boros with Mok Sambo, artist, singer, set designer, founder of FrameARts    titled “Passion and Opportunity”

3rd episode is conversation between H.E SAMHENG Boros with Neak Sophal, Photography artist titled “Arts and Education”

4th Episode is a conversation between H.E. SAMHENG Boros with Norodom Reth Virekbot , artist in contemporary arts titled “People and Arts”

5th episode is a conversation between H.E. SAMHENG Boros with Em Phanhatep , student, writer, MC, titled “Writing about Life”

About H.E SAMHENG Boros:

H.E Samheng Boros is Minister attached to the Prime Minister, Royal Government of Cambodia and Chairman of National Social Assistance Fund Board (NSAF) and Secretary of State at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY).

Boros also writes regularly and publish his opinions in the  column

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